Building a quadruped - second attempt

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Max Scheffler
Max Scheffler

The Plan

Recently, I started working on a second quadrupedal robot build. The first one turned out to be heaps of fun to design and program but ultimately failed to walk which was the goal I set out to achieve.

I still learned a lot from the build and have now a good idea of what I'm looking for when building the second quadruped. A major issue witht the first one was leg assembly which would bend in different ways and which was too weak to lift the quadruped when in trod gate where two legs have to carry the entire robot. A contributing factor was also the weight of the two batteries and all the electronics that I didn't strictly needed.

With that in mind, the new version should have more rigid legs, with stronger motors and better mounting of the motors and joints. Additionally, I would like to add a custom PCB containing all the electronics I need - just for kicks.

With the second incarnation I want to improve the sturdiness of the body and the legs and I would love to build in encoders to track the leg positions. I also want to design my own PCB to make the electornics lighter and more suitable for the task.

This time arround however, the focus is on planning and researching to be able to come up with a design that works much better and that I can use to further develop the platform.